Kristina White

  • Wife
  • Mom
  • Surgical Device Professional
  • Volunteer Youth Leader
A Voice For Collierville Students, Parents,
& Teachers

My goal in running for school board is simple: I want to be a current, relevant voice and representation of Collierville parents, students, and teachers. I will always put the safety of our students and teachers first. It is my mission to ensure Collierville students are safe, learning, engaged, and prepared for their next steps. 


My Experience in Schools


As a mom, I have served as room parent in both of my children's classrooms, so I know and appreciate the value of room parents, PTA members, and classroom volunteers. Typically, it is these individuals that serve as a crucially informed voice of students and teachers alike. As school board member, I will welcome the opportunity to connect with these individuals, always keeping a finger on the pulse with those most connected to what the students and teachers want and need. 



My Time Volunteering with High School Students

Over the last 6+ years I have spent a great deal of time volunteering with high school students all over the community, enrolled in both public and private schools. This time together with these students and parents opened my eyes to the importance of preparing our high school students for their next step in life. For some students, that may be college; for other students, that may be moving directly into the workforce. For all students, it is my goal to ensure that they are prepared and well-equipped to return to our community able to contribute to Collierville's prosperity and development. 



My Profession

I am a surgical device specialist for the largest medical device company in the world. I am faced with situations daily in which surgeons look to me in the operating room to make split-second decisions in the best interest of the patient on the operating table. Because of this experience, I consider myself highly qualified to tackle tough issues, under pressure, while making informed decisions in the best interest of our students and teachers. I work closely with a team of highly qualified and successful professionals and would welcome the opportunity to become a part of our local school board team as well.

My Collierville History

It is important that people know why my husband and I chose to move our family out of the city of Memphis and into the town of Collierville. We moved to this town solely for the purpose of putting our children in these great schools. One of our children is already enjoying the benefits Collierville schools has to offer. If there is anything I have learned in speaking to so many Collierville parents it is that we all share that same love and appreciation for this incredible school system. I encourge you to continue to reach out to me. I have loved meeting so many of you, hearing your praises and concerns alike, and helping parents navigate these first weeks of virtual, hybrid, and five day school. 



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