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Kristen DeAngelis- Teacher

"I first met Kristina when I became her daughter's teacher. I quickly learned that she is a loving mother and an extremely hard worker. Kristina is dedicated to her children's education and well-being, but also to her career. I know Kristina would bring that same dedication to the well-being of every Collierville student as well. Kristina is an individual who does not stop when she hears "no". She lets the "no" motivate her to work even harder to receive the "yes" she is seeking. Kristina is a force to be reckoned with in the best ways; someone you always want on your team. I can think of no better person who is more qualified or deserving to serve as a school board member."

Hart Kiser- Current Co-Worker"As a colleague and as a friend, Kristina is committed, tenacious, and dependable. Her resourcefulness and creative problem-solving skills turn difficult situations into successes, and she always does so with a smile on her face! I have no doubt Kristina will bring that same level of passion and enthusiasm to the school board and the citizens of Collierville."

Allison Sullivan- Former Youth Student"Kristina White played a leadership role in my life during my high school years. I was placed in Kristina’s girl’s small group my junior year. At that time, Kristina had a 1 year old of her own and without hesitation, she took in me and my friends as her own. Kristina led us through bible studies and sat with us in church, but she was more than just our high school church leader. Kristina influenced our lives when it came to school, sports, our relationship with our parents, and so much more.
At 16, not many girls openly talk with their parents. Kristina understood and knew this struggle being once 16 herself. She never hesitated to sit and listen intently to us for hours about what was happening in our lives. After we would ramble on and on, she would help us gather our thoughts and find a way we could talk to our parents about it. She knew how important communication was in any type of relationship, and always pushed us to share what we were thinking.
Kristina will do the same for the Collierville School System. She will take the time to listen and fully understand, and she will make sure those thoughts and concerns are heard. Kristina will make sure your voice is heard. She will make time for you as citizen of Collierville, as a parent/guardian that just wants the best for your kid(s).
Each one of us in the small group played sports. Not only did we all play sports, but none of us attended the same school. The best feeling as a sports player is to see the people you love and cherish in the stands supporting you. There was never a season that Kristina didn’t attend multiple games for each of us. She knew that we needed support in every aspect of our lives, and to show that, she had to be present in our day to day activities. She went above and beyond for ALL of us. She was determined as a mom herself, to be there for us.
How can you expect a board member to truly know what you’re going through if they aren’t in the community with you? Kristina will not be a board member you just see on a website. She will be out in the community and be present. She will be with you every step of the way. She has kids in the school system currently. Therefore, she understands the changes of this school year, and the trials that come with it. She is also a working mom, so she understands the challenges that come with that as well. I know you might be thinking, “wow, she has a lot on her plate.” I would have to disagree with you.
 When Kristina is determined, she will not give up. She makes time for the things she cares about, and Collierville is one of those. Overall, I couldn’t think of someone better for this position. As someone who sees herself having children of her own in the next few years, I want people like Kristina on the school board. I want someone I know will listen to my and other’s opinions about what our students are going through. I want someone that will listen to my child’s teachers if they have a concern for their class/school. I want someone that will fight for the good and won’t back down. I want someone that truly cares for the community they live in. I want Kristina White on Collierville’s school board."

Vicki Reed- Public School Teacher of 34 Years "I have known Kristina White since she was in the fifth grade. She was brilliant, talented and committed to do her very best even then. She was a leader throughout all of her school years.  I have had the privilege of watching her grow into a beautiful wife, mom, and professional. She will never stop working for the school children of Collierville!! She will be the perfect school board member!!! I had the privilege to be her fifth grade teacher!!!  Vote for Kristina!!!

Layne Powers- Teacher"I met Kristina when I was her daughter's preschool teacher two years ago. I cannot think of a better or more deserving person for the position on the Collierville school board for many reasons. Kristina is very dedicated in every aspect of her life. I learned from the day I met her that her kids come first and she is a loving mother. She is also an impeccable listener and as a teacher I always felt "heard". She was our room mom when I taught her daughter and I can tell you she always went above and beyond to make sure we, as teachers, and our students in the classroom were taken care of. I know that she will do the same for the teachers and students of Collierville schools. Kristina is the perfect person for this position!"

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